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My name is Laura Barat and I have been practicing Tropical Vedic Astrologer for two decades. Please see my “About Me” Page.

Here you will find all aspects of Vedic Astrology from how to predict with several Parasara techniques to the techniques of Jaimini Sutram to Relationship Astrology and my personal favorite, Varshaphal/Tajika or the secrets of the Solar Return.

Some of the information is offered in courses and videos that you can purchase where you download a manual and a link to the playlist. Other information is provided for free in the form of videos and text.

Currently, I have free videos and articles under “Foundational Vedic Astrology”, “Nakshatras”, “Psychological Astrology – Shadbala: The Sixfold Strength of Planets, Rahu & Ketu, the Moon’s Nodes, Planets & The Elements”, “The Solar Return” and “Relationship Astrology”.

I am now offering a full course in Varshaphal/Tajika/Solar Return complete with videos. When you purchase the course you will receive a download and a link to an unlisted playlist on YouTube.

Please keep checking back because new content will be added every day.

I always use the Tropical Zodiac with Sidereal Nakshatras.

Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day.