The Solar Return – Varshaphal -Tajika Course PDF


A 37 page manual on the complete system of Tajika Astrology, also called Varshaphal in India. This is the astrology of the Solar Return, including explanations of the Year Lord, Muntha (Progressed Ascendant), Muntha Lord, Sahams or “Parts” in Western Astrology, Tajika yogas, and a unique and accurate timing systems or “dasas”.


A 37 page manual covering all aspects of the Varshaphal or Tajika system of Solar Return Astrology. Included is how to calculate the Year Lord, Muntha or Progressed Ascendant and the various planetary strengths if one does not have software. The Varshaphal system is highly accurate and can be used to make detailed predictions down to the day. This system of astrology can immediately show the major focuses of the year, whether it will be an outward or inward year and can also be used in birth time rectification.

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