Predictive Method: Predicting with Grahas as Karakas



When studying Astrology, the student can sometimes be overwhelmed by the plethora of predictive techniques available. Prediction based on Grahas as Karakas can give useful tools in not only predicting events, but also understanding the underlying strengths and weaknesses that the Graha gives to the horoscope. The most common problems and strengths a person experiences during their lifetime are directly attributable to the strength of Grahas as Karakas. In this book you will learn: – What a Graha as Karaka produces. – How to measure the inherent power of a Graha as Karaka and how it will affect all types of events within a person’s life. – Which Grahas will give their significations easily and readily and which Grahas will produce significant challenges. – How to determine which conditional Nakshatra dasas apply to a horoscope. – How to time events with Karakas utilizing Vimshottari dasa plus other conditional Nakshatra dasas. – How to, by simply glancing at a horoscope, see the strengths and weaknesses therein. – Many example horoscopes of famous persons are used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the technique. Foreword by Ernst Wilhelm. Published by Kala Occult Publishers.

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