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Below is a description of the different types of consultations I do. If you are interested in a reading, email me at [email protected] or contact me at 970.406.0708. You can also message me through Facebook or Twitter. Please include in your email or message your date, place and time of birth. If you do not know your time of birth, please see my “rectification of birth time” below. I will respond usually within a few hours or sooner. For the actual consultation, I send you an invoice through Paypal then call you through Skype and record the entire reading of which you will receive a download link. You do not need to have Skype for me to call you.

General Life Reading: Astrology of character, talents, career, relationship compatibility, predictions of major life events with an emphasis in specific areas as the client desires. This is the most popular type of reading for new clients and takes about an hour.  $144

Relationship Compatibility: For this type of consultation, you will need to have your partner’s or potential partner’s date, place and time of birth and ideally, the time and place of your first meeting, but if that is not possible, the reading can be done thoroughly without it. This covers all areas such as compatibility between the couple, predictions on length of relationship, and whether the couple will marry and/or have children. Lasts about an hour.  $144

Astrology of Medicine, Health and Nutrition: This type of consultation is for those looking to discover the reasons behind their health issues and the best method of improving their health, whether through diet, fasting, certain types of exercise, breathwork, natural healers, surgery or conventional medicine. Believe it or not, the horoscope will clearly show whether a person will benefit from surgery, exercise or even from the astrologer! Lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. $99

Prasna or Horary: This is the “Ask a Question” consultation. Whatever you are curious about, whether it be about career, relationships, money, or missing persons, I cast a chart from the time you ask the question and will be able to give you a detailed reply. If you email or message me the question, I take the time that you contacted me rather than the time I read it. Essentially, you are ‘asking the Universe’ at the time you contact me. This takes about half an hour to 45 minutes.  $54

Birth Time Rectification: If you know your birthday but not the time, I will need 3 major life events such as death of a relative or someone very close to you, an accident where you endured bodily injury, marriage, major promotion, childbirth. In addition, a physical description and any chronic diseases is very helpful.  If you know that you were born ‘in the morning’ or ‘at night’ or in a general 4 hour period, I will need the same things but it will be less expensive. For the former the price is $252 and the latter is $153. Why is it so expensive? A birth time rectification for someone who does not know the time within any time frame usually takes 3 – 4 hours to complete. For someone who knows the time within a few hours, it takes about 2 hours to complete. Birth time rectification is a lot of work, but rest assured I can get it down to within a minute if the above requirements are satisfied.

Solar Return or Varshaphal: This is a detailed, in-depth reading of the year as seen from your ‘solar return’ or birthday. When you give me your birth data and if I see that not much will happen during the year, I will recommend a ‘General Life Reading’ but if I see a lot going on during that year such as a move, career promotion, marriage, childbirth, new relationship, spiritual progress, etc., I will be delighted to give a detailed reading for that year. This also takes about the same time as a General Life Reading but is a lot more detailed.  $144


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